The French and their dogs, a love story that lasts

Some 84% of people surveyed, whether or not they own doggies, say they love dogs. Among the owners who consider it to 85% as a full member of the family, three quarters of them cannot imagine living without this animal and a third are even considering adopting another.

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Several studies have already suggested that owning a pet could have beneficial effects on health. To break isolation or for our cardiovascular health, spending time with your four-legged friend would help us feel better.

As for those who do not have one, 21% of respondents say they “intend to adopt one”.

” Unconditional love “

Today essential pet, the status of the dog has evolved in a few decades. “If for centuries the dog proved to be the essential utilitarian auxiliary of Homo Sapiens for guarding, hunting and even war, today far from being taboo, the unconditional love that masters have for their dogs is assumed and widely claimed by 9 out of 10 people, ”commented sociologist Christophe Blanchard on Wednesday during a press conference in Paris.

“People often need emotional compensation and the dog is an emotional sponge. It’s a return on investment,” he explained. But for future buyers, “on the other hand, there are blockages linked to this acquisition in anticipation of the death of the animal which is part of the family”, according to him.

The French attribute to their dog qualities such as fidelity, loyalty and courage, “so many virtues that one does not necessarily find with his neighbour. In an increasingly individualistic society, the dog is the living being that will not disappoint us,” he says. Vector of social bond, the dog is also a mediator on the outside world for the fragile and vulnerable people.

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