The funny reaction of a cat who discovers the new toy offered by his family (video)

The owners of a tabby cat thought they were making him happy by giving him a new interactive toy, but his reaction to discovering the object was completely different than they expected. The video made many people on Twitter laugh.


The sequence showing the attitude of a cat who is not at all impressed with the new toy his family bought him has gone viral Twitterreported News 18.

The video in question was posted on the social network by a user who calls himself ” Buitengebieden and is based in the Netherlands.

We see a tabby cat sitting in front of an interactive toy. His people certainly expected him to show enthusiasm, or at least curiosity, for the device, but that was far from the case.

The toy is a dome with several holes through which a fake mouse randomly pops out. That would have piqued the interest of most cats, who would have immediately started trying to catch the elusive lure, but the protagonist of this video remained unmoved.

“Is that your surprise present?” »

He even shot a stunned look at the person filming him as if to say ” is this your surprise gift? “. The quadrupeds then preferred to leave the premises.

Illustration of the article: The funny reaction of a cat discovering the new toy offered by its family (video)
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The tweet naturally sparked a lot of laughter among the many internet users who saw it on the social network, judging by the comments.

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One of them is written by a sage Cassandrawho recalled his personal experience with his cat thus: It’s like that time I got a laser pointer to play with my pussy. She saw the dot on the wall, immediately walked over to where I was sitting and gave me a look like, ‘I know what you’re doing.’ »


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