the galley season continues for Tottenham

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Tale at the end of the line

Tottenham can’t do it anymore in the Premier League. Already 9 defeats in the league this season for the London club, and an eighth place which is painful to see. After a very good victory against Manchester City last weekend, the Spurs quickly fell back into their ways. Antonio Conte’s men lost this Wednesday against Burnley (1-0). The Italian technician was quite upset after the game. “They tell me about the race for fourth place, but the reality of the last five games is that we have to be careful not to fight for maintenance. […] Since the first day I arrived here, I have wanted to help Tottenham. I repeat, I am too honest to close my eyes, continue this way and just take my salary. It’s not right nowhe declared at a press conference. The tactician also admitted half-heartedly that he might not finish the season. In any case, Conte seems really at the end of the line. “I give 20 hours a day to Tottenham and the other four hours I sleep, but it’s not enough,he asserted.

Realistic OM for Zidane

A possible return of Zinedine Zidane to Marseille is quite a sea serpent! A subject for which the president of OM made things clear. In an interview given to Figaro, Pablo Longoria was asked about the Zizou fantasy on the Marseille bench. This is what he replied:Zinedine Zidane is a very important person in the history of Marseille, there is always a link with the city, he is one of the very important social actors here. Dream of him? […] He has a very respectable track record and whether as a player or a coach, we must be in awe that a Marseillais manages to do that. […] Now, we have to be realistic and what I imagine in the immediate future is to give continuity to our project with Jorge Sampaoli.»

Sergio Ramos pressure move

In Paris, the situation still does not seem to be improving for Sergio Ramos. The main interested party would begin to get seriously annoyed. The Spaniard would direct all his nervousness against the medical staff of PSG according to the Padlock Ser. Indeed, the player and his entourage would point the finger at the diagnoses of the doctors of the club, which they would strongly criticize behind the scenes. We remember all the same that for a little over a year, and the beginning of January 2021, he has only played 5 matches with Real Madrid, and 5 matches with Paris. 10 matches in all competitions.

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