The Garrick. Animal mediation and educational farm for Louison

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Louison Duplay has a passion for animals. Living in contact with them is his whole life! Also at the Arche Stables, which have become an Arche association and educational farm, Louison feels like a fish in water.

She talks about her journey after a Bac Pro Breeding and her project to open the educational farm which should be effective by the end of the year.

A great project with the educational farm?

With Maud from the Arche association in Sainte-Martiane at Garric, we are going to take over and open the educational farm, to work together on animal mediation, on everything that improves the animal condition. For now, I’m learning about sustainable development, ecology… I hope everything will be in place by the end of the year.

Reconcile human and animal? It’s exactly that. My goal is to promote animal welfare. I find that we have lost the sense of the human and its relationship to the animal, we have to manage to create or recreate a link between the human and the animal. For you Louison, is observing animals instructive?

It’s very true, animals have intelligence. We get to know them by observing them, especially on their behavior, their relationship with each other, we have so much to discover in their contact.

My first message is to convey the link with the animal, I have four goats, a calf… it’s great to live alongside them, very instructive. You have to have a sense of observation.

Through workshops that you practice?

We practice workshops, during which we learn how to feed the animals, how to cuddle them, take care of them when needed. Our workshops are both fun and educational. We receive people with disabilities, contact with animals is very rewarding for them.

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