“the goldsmith”, “hat sir” the regrets of the Spanish press for Benzema!

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Four days after their insipid performance against PSG, Real Madrid recovered their heads by easily dominating Alavés to resume their ease at the top of La Liga (3-0). A match where Karim Benzema once again shone by scoring once and delivering two assists. Enough to feed regrets to the Madrid press.

“The Goldsmith” Benzema!

Indeed, Marca does not go there by four paths by qualifying the Nueve “goldsmith“. Better, he returned to his level “alien“, as he has been doing so well since the start of the season. A relentless observation which at the same time saddens the Spanish daily, regretting that he was not in top form on Tuesday evening: “Too bad he wasn’t like that in Paris, because he wasn’t at his best physical level and because the team couldn’t find him or his attacking partners“.

Marca ended their eulogy by thanking the France international: “He gave the 2-0 to Vini (Vinicius) after a skillful action that should be shown in football schools: this is how an attack is mounted. And he finished by fighting back at eleven meters, Hats off, Mr. Benzema“.

to summarize

Breathtaking last night with Real Madrid against Alavés, Karim Benzema received praise from the Madrid press, which also harbors regrets. Indeed, Marca regrets that the French international could not return the same copy against PSG.

Nathan Bricout

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