The Google Page Experience for Desktop update is on the way! – SEO and engine news

As expected, Google has just launched the update of its algorithm to integrate the Page Experience criteria on its desktop engine, as was already the case on mobile for many months…

It had been announced, it was expected for the month of February, the Search COnsole was ready with a new adequate report and Google just announced it : the “Page Experience for Desktop” update of the engine algorithm has just begun its implementation.

An update that should take some time, as the end of the deployment is scheduled for the end of March.

This therefore means that the Page Experience criteria (including the now famous Core Web Vitals) will also apply to the search results of its desktop engine, in addition to the mobile results as currently.

Remember that the impact of this category of criteria is very, very low and that the implementation of Page Experience on desktop search results should therefore have only a very minimal influence. So beware of scams that are likely to flourish in the coming weeks with certain SEO agencies that risk prophesying a digital Armagueddon for your site, but which will only be a pretext to extract budgets for nothing…

Tweet from Google announcing the release of the Google Page Experience for Desktop update. Source: Twitter

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