The Google Phone Hardware You’re Watching Gets Even Cuter – Up News Info

It’s no longer that any of us make real phone calls, but if you’re using a phone running Android 12+ and with the Google Phone app, you should see even cuter material. You are dealing with a new update. A new version started rolling out last week that brings very slight changes to how each button looks.

Not that the phone doesn’t already look good with Material You colors from an update that was dropped last year, but now we’re really going for it. As you can see here, this new tweak gives each button its own border, so there’s no mistaking the number you’re dialing. Each number also changes color when pressed, and of course its colors change as your wallpaper theme changes.

See, super cute, right?

New Google Phone Material You buttons

I know Material You isn’t loved by everyone, but one thing you can’t deny: Google loves it! We haven’t seen Google embark on updates to their Android apps in quite some time. For Material You and the launch of Android 12, they made big changes to so many things that you can’t avoid all the playful colors.

Google Play link: Google Phone

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