“The government is not doing what it takes to prevent these shots”, says lawyer Arié Alimi

A week after the death of a motorist, killed by a police officer in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis), one of his family’s lawyers, master Arié Alimi, estimated on Saturday April 2 on franceinfo that “the government is not doing what is necessary to avoid these shots on the populations of working-class, black and Arab neighborhoods”. A white march took place on Saturday “to pay homage to a person who should not have died”, while the policeman was indicted for “voluntary violence”.

franceinfo: Why are you taking part in this white march?

Arie Alimi: It’s to honor a person who shouldn’t have died. He was killed by a police officer who varied a lot in his statements, as explained by the public prosecutor. First he said it was an accidental shot, which is a bit tricky for a tight shot. He then explained that he was in a defensive position after being thrown off balance by the departure of the van. We know, however, that there was no police in front of the van or any situation of danger for the police, according to witnesses who saw the scene. In addition, the police officer who fired was not wearing an armband. He was therefore unidentifiable.

Did the police know that the van had been reported stolen?

I don’t know what the police knew. What I do know is that it was reported stolen and that doesn’t necessarily mean it was stolen. There was a dispute between my client, self-employed, and his client who had not paid him. That’s why the van was held. This is not called theft, which involves fraudulent embezzlement.

“From the outset of the case, there has been misleading communication from police unions, police and other public figures, aimed at smearing the victim.”

Me Arie Alimi

at franceinfo

Do you denounce this police violence once again?

This is not the first time that we go to white marches, funerals, in hospitals. I still remember the death of Cédric Chouviat, two years ago, or of Souheil el Khalfaoui, a few months ago in Marseille. Each time, there was a communication particularly unworthy of the authorities. The government is not doing what is necessary to prevent these human tragedies. He does not give enough instructions to avoid these shots on the populations of working-class, black and Arab neighborhoods. It will have to stop because it generates a lot of anger in the population.

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