The great danger that threatens our cats


A veterinarian is the guest of France Blue Occitania to give preventive advice. With the Covid pandemic, we got used to it: it cleans everything in the house. But some brands of cleaning products proudly display the mention “bleach-free”. Except that other industrial chemical elements complement these household products. Maxentius of Jouvencel is more than annoyed because at Vet’Urgentys he sees burnt tongues pass by. Cats, very attracted by the smell of these quaternary ammonium disinfectants, cannot control themselves. They lick the cleaned surfaces, and the reaction is immediate. So be very careful.

Regarding cats: yes you can vaccinate them, sterilize them too. And concerning the weight of your cat, it’s 4 kilos on a normal size. Beyond 6 kilos, obesity is problematic for health with heart risks and diabetes.

Take care of your pets
Take care of your pets ©Getty

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