The greedy dentist sentenced to prison for defrauding the Hérault Health Insurance

Madam, the alleged facts are serious, it is all national solidarity that has been impacted by your behavior. loose President Nadége Larochette at the pronouncement of the judgment. ”The court does not issue a committal order, because the alleged facts are old, but the damage is significant “.

Two years in prison, including one year, were pronounced this Friday by the high court of Béziers, against this former dentist from Agde prosecuted for scam at Assurance Malade between 2011 and 2015. The damage amounts to over €400,000. This 45-year-old mother was found guilty of fraudulent maneuver, non-compliant acts, overbilling, and misappropriation of the vital card for personal purposes.

The defendant, who has now changed jobs, had already been convicted in 2007 of fraud, but that did not prevent her from starting again

On the stand the dentist denies the accusations, ensures that it is a data transmission problem. However, the investigation conducted internally by the Health Insurance finds more than 1,900 anomalies over this period of fraud. Double billing, far too many prostheses for the same patient.

80% of its customers benefited from the CMU, Universal Health Coverage. In other words, his patients benefited from free care without advancing any costs. For the civil party, the dentist was pushing consumption somewhere.

The testimonies provided are overwhelming. Patients claim to have received care that they did not necessarily need. Others explain that they have never been treated by the latter. Yet the juicy acts have been declared to social security. The turnover of the defendant, close to 1.5 million euros in 2014 was well above the national average.

“I worked a lot, I needed it, said the person concerned” who has a hard time convincing the Béziers prosecution who denounces personal enrichment. The public prosecutor is asking for two years in prison with a warrant of committal. ‘‘The defendant violated everything” said Deputy Prosecutor David Durand. ‘‘His Hippocratic oath, his ethics, and his clients’.

The dentist took over this Agde office in 2002

Defense lawyer Maitre Florian Médico pleads for release. “The only evidence in the file is that of the Health Insurance, which is itself a civil party. The investigation was unable to provide conclusive evidence. laments the latter.

The challenge for the defense is to spare his client detention. What is done after 45 minutes of argument, but the arguments put forward do not save him from a new conviction.

This mother is sentenced to two years in prison, including one year in prison (with possible adjustment of sentence), a fine of 30,000 euros, an obligation to compensate the civil parties (Health Insurance, MSA and RSI) prohibition to practice during five years. The 70,000 euros seized from the account of his dental office are confiscated. On the other hand, his luxurious family home estimated at 600,000 euros in the Gard was returned by the court.

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