The health insurance broker speaks on the file of the Licquois retiree

The brokerage company Sodedif speaks about the retiree from Licquois who had testified to difficulties in termination and communication with his health insurance.

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A Licquois retiree, Jean Godber, told in our columns on April 5 of his difficulties in terminating a health insurance contract and his communication difficulties. The insurance brokerage company Sodedif, which was his first contact and intermediary for the insurer Cegema, speaks on the file.

Fourteen day period

Once you have signed a contract, there is a waiver period within fourteen days “, we explain at Sodedif. After this period, it is possible to terminate your contract, but you must provide proof of the reason for termination. In this case, the departure for England indicated by the pensioner, which will not ultimately take place because of the Covid and the deterioration of his wife’s state of health. It is advisable to have had a telephone exchange with an adviser, to know what to do to cancel. ” I sent my registered mail with three and a half months notice. As I did not have a return, I understood that it was over, I did what was necessary to find a new insurance “. The insurance response letter did not reach him. ” VS
has been lost in the post “, he specifies supporting documents.

Evidence to cancel

To terminate a contract, there is a time limit. We can withdraw in case of force majeure, with supporting documents, not because six months later we have found cheaper “, we expose at Sodedif. Insurance companies and the insurance intermediaries who distribute them, such as Sodedif, have a complaints service. ” I didn’t know I could file a claim “, indicates the retiree.

The intermediary confirms that there has been no complaint filed by the customer and that there have indeed been telephone exchanges with the dissatisfied customer. ” It remained at the client stage. We are going to accede favorably to his request, but it’s a shame to go through these routes. “.

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