The health insurance component operational in Ouèssè and Tchaourou

Partial view of the presidium during the ceremony

The municipalities of Ouessè and Tchaourou are now connected to the Health Insurance component of the Insurance project for the Reinforcement of Human Capital (ARCH). The ceremony marking this extension was held on Friday April 16, 2022 at the Ouessè and Tchaourou Social Promotion Center, under the auspices of the Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance Véronique Tognifodé and that of Health Benjamin Hounkpatin, in the presence of the King of Tchaourou, communal and local authorities.

The generalization phase of the health insurance component of the Insurance Project for the Strengthening of Human Capital (ARCH) is continuing in the municipalities of Benin. The localities of Ouessè and Tchaourou have benefited from this impeccable social protection tool. Their populations will now be able to be consulted and treated free of charge in the partner hospitals of the National Social Protection Agency (ANPS). The government of Benin has made available to vulnerable layers a basket of care containing common pathologies, even caesarean section in order to relieve them of their various ailments. On the occasion of the ceremony, the ministers recalled the Government’s vision for vulnerable populations and reassured the beneficiaries of the measures taken so that this project suffers nothing in its implementation, whether in health facilities or in In the Centers for Social Advancement, firm instructions are given so that the beneficiaries are properly oriented and treated. Ministers Tognifodé and Hounkpatin reiterated the availability and determination of the Government of President Patrice Talon to work to relieve the pain of grassroots populations. They invited the beneficiaries to make sufficient use of this health insurance that the State gives them free of charge. According to them, the beneficiaries of this project will not pay any franc to be taken care of if necessary, as long as the disease is in the defined care basket.

Insurance for the Strengthening of Human Capital (ARCH) is one of the flagship projects designed and designed by the Government of Benin since 2016 to support and assist vulnerable populations and guarantee social protection for Beninese. It is made up of four components including health insurance, training, credit and finally retirement. To date, the Health Insurance component has already affected 16 municipalities which are: Abomey-Calavi, Sô-Ava, Dassa-Zoumè, Glazoué, Djougou, Ouaké, Copargo, Cotonou, Avrankou, Ifangni, Aplahoué, Lokossa, Lalo, Kandi, Banikoara, Tchaourou and Ouesse.

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