“The health pass is the life insurance of restaurateurs” says Bruno Le Maire in Strasbourg

At the start of the fifth wave of COVID, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire was visiting Strasbourg on Tuesday. To participate in the national congress of the UMIH, the union of industries in the hotel and restaurant trades.

In particular, the Minister returned to the insistent request owners of hotels or restaurants of a rescheduling repayments of PGE, loans guaranteed by the State. But for Bruno Le Maire, it’s no. This is not, according to him, the right solution.

_”I don’t think rescheduling is the best solution. I prefer case-by-case treatment. I know that PGEs are a real concern. But I’m providing a more efficient and rational response. The first is is that anyone who needs it will be able to subscribe until the summer 2022 a new EMP. Those who have difficulty repaying should not be face to face with their bank advisor either. There has to be a mediator.” said the minister.

And he specifies: “I have set up in each department a mediation with the public authorities so that it is collectively that the reimbursement of an EMP can be treated. And this will make it possible to find a solution for each file” he said.

Bruno Le Maire at the national congress of the UMIH
Bruno Le Maire at the national congress of the UMIH © Radio France
Antoine Balandra

Facing the labor shortage (30% of employees would be missing in the hotel and catering trades according to the national president of the UMIH) post Covid, the minister also called for substantial increases in the sector and to conclude the ongoing salary negotiations.

Sanitary pass

And he said again, in the middle of the fifth wavethat according to him it was more essential than ever to enforce the health pass in establishments: “What I want is for the health pass to be respected. The health pass is life insurance for restaurateurs and hoteliers. The worst situation is to be forced to close. So rigorously enforcing the pass and control is the best answer we can give today.“he hammered.

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