The heartwarming video of a dog who becomes the surrogate mother for these kittens while their mother takes a break

When the mother cat needs a little respite, she knows who she can entrust her kittens to. An adorable dog by the name of Toby is, in fact, the ideal babysitter to keep an eye on the little felines in his absence. We can see him at work in a video that is both touching and funny, shared on TikTok.

laurena.k.a ljayne7 on TikTokis the proud owner of an adorable family of animals, including a cat and a dog called Toby. The latter, a Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix, hasn’t really been trained to take care of a litter of kittens, but he improvises and does quite well.

This is what we can realize by discovering one of the videos posted by lauren on TikTok and relayed by Daily Paws.

The cat in question had recently been adopted by lauren, who thus saved her from wandering. Shortly after her arrival, she gave birth to 6 kittens. Tobyhe gets along wonderfully with their mother and it seems that he also fell under their spell.

Illustration of the article: The touching video of a dog who becomes the surrogate mother for these kittens while their mother takes a break
ljayne7 / TikTok

In this video (below) which has gone viral, we first see Toby, the cat and the little ones lying quietly side by side on a bedding. Then the mother comes back with another kitten and drops it off with the dog to watch over them while she gives herself a short break.


She brings her kittens to Toby when she needs a little break ????#rescuecat #dogsofttiktok #catsoftiktok #kittens #fyp

? _Cute – Gabe Lost

Toby is “the uncle who doesn’t know much about it and who tries to help”

lauren specifies, in comment, that she made an appointment with the veterinarian to have the cat sterilized in a few weeks, once her kittens have become sufficiently large and weaned.

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Under this same comment, she replied to a user who wanted to adopt one of the young felines that they were all already reserved. They will, in fact, be given to family members and friends of lauren.

She also jokingly said that Toby is a little ” like the uncle who doesn’t know much about it [en matière d’enfants] and who does his best to help “.

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