the heavy sanction that Verratti risks after the seizure of the LFP disciplinary committee


Marco Verratti could be suspended for several games after his exit against arbitration on Saturday, on the sidelines of the defeat of PSG in Nantes (3-1). The National Ethics Council of the FFF seized the Disciplinary Committee of the LFP about the remarks of the Parisian midfielder.

A short sentence with heavy consequences. This is what Marco Verratti can fear after his remarks on the sidelines of the defeat of PSG in Nantes, Saturday in Ligue 1 (3-1). “We get shit on by the referees,” said the Parisian midfielder on Canal +. A scathing, hot outing, which did not go unnoticed. The FFF National Ethics Council (CNE), as reported by L’Equipe, has decided to refer the case to the LFP Disciplinary Committee which will examine the case of the Italian international on Wednesday, although the player will be summoned at a later date.

Behind the scenes, there was a real debate on whether or not to follow up on Verratti’s statements. Members of the CNE think that we can now issue an opinion on French arbitration. But the expression “shitting on it” was deemed excessive. It is therefore the Disciplinary Committee that will take over in this case.

The 29-year-old, known for his incessant protests and repeated warnings, faces a big penalty. According to the reference scale, Verratti (who will already miss the reception of Saint-Etienne, Saturday in L1, for accumulation of cards), could be suspended for three games for “hurtful behavior” and up to five games for “rude behavior “. It remains to be seen whether how the LFP Disciplinary Committee will judge his rant.

Leonardo will not be worried

On the other hand, Leonardo risks nothing. The CNE has chosen not to follow up on the words of the sports director of PSG, also very upset at Beaujoire. After the meeting, the Brazilian leader came on Canal + to complain about the treatment that the referees reserved for the club of the capital.

“There’s the yellow card for Appiah, who already had a yellow card, there’s a penalty called but he doesn’t have the second yellow! There are so many fouls on our players…’ it’s Neymar, I’m not whistling, it’s Messi, I’m not whistling, it’s Mbappé, I’m not whistling, PSG we’re not whistling’… Maybe I’m wrong but today, I had the feeling that there is something to discuss in relation to the general behavior”, pestered Leonardo.

Alexandre Jaquin with Arthur Perrot

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