The L214 association released after filming a slaughterhouse

May 17, 2022 at 5:36 p.m.,

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The L214 association was released on May 12 by the Pau Court of Appeal. She had been convicted at first instance for complicity in invasion of privacy » following the broadcast of videos shot at the Mauléon-Licharre slaughterhouse in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in March 2016. A relief » for Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of the association. The intention of the association has never been to stigmatize employees but to defend animals »she wrote in a press release.

The antispeciesist association had noted numerous breaches of animal protection rules as well as acts of mistreatment » in this certified organic slaughterhouse, Label Rouge and PGI. Nearly 11,000 lambs were slaughtered during this period for the Easter holidays.

In 2018, in response to these videos, the Pau court sentenced the slaughterhouse and its former director respectively to a fine of 10,000 euros and a suspended six-month prison sentence. for the offense of deception on the quality of the products ». The slaughterhouse also had to pay several fines for slaughter without proper equipment or qualified personnel ».

We will continue to disclose what the food industry tries to hide »

The employees had been sentenced to fines ranging from 80 euros to 520 euros for careless slaughter to avoid suffering, slaughter without stunning, careless immobilization and late bleeding »according to L214.

In 2019, after a complaint from employees, the association was sentenced at first instance by the Pau court to a fine of 5,000 euros and to pay damages (1,500 euros each) to three slaughterhouse workers. filmed without their knowledge.

So far, only images have brought to light the incredible violence that takes place daily in slaughterhouses »said Brigitte Gothière. To put an end to this system that is unjust, cruel, appalling for animals and humans and disastrous for the environment, we will continue to disclose what the agri-food industries seek to hide from us. »

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