the lawyer of 55 victims denounces a “mutilator”

As the payments to the trial of Marseille dentist Lionel Guedj open on Monday, a lawyer for the civil parties denounced “the extent” of the mutilations administered to his 55 clients.

“You are a mutilator and a simulator”. At the opening of the pleadings of the civil parties, a victims’ lawyer did not spare the ex-dentist Lionel Guedj, who had been on trial for four weeks with his father for mutilations committed on some 350 patients.

Me Marc Ceccaldi gave the court the figure of 580 devitalized healthy teeth in the mouths of the 55 civil parties he is assisting: “To tell you the extent of the disaster, it is the equivalent of twenty completely devitalized mouths. It is there, the guilty intention of Lionel Guedj”, launched the lawyer.

Lionel and Jean-Claude Guedj are judged for having carried out the decay of healthy teeth with the mercantile aim of placing a large number of prostheses, the most profitable act.

“I never meant to hurt”

After two weeks during which the complainants recounted the pain and suffering that many of them still endure more than ten years after the facts, Lionel Guedj apologized.

The former dentist from the northern districts recognizes errors in treatment, faults, but, he repeats, “I never wanted to hurt anyone, I never wanted to mutilate. I died of shame and deeply touched by the suffering that I have been able to impose on my patients”.

A contrition swept away by Me Ceccaldi for whom Lionel Guedj’s objective “was not medicine but finance”: He acted “by violence and by trickery”, launched the lawyer according to whom the ten years of the instruction allowed the defendant to “secure his fraudulent assets”.

The “Guedj system” exposed before the Court

Describing “the anatomy of the crime”, the representative of 55 civil parties evoked a real “Guedj system”: “The ordeal of all the victims has as its starting point the first meeting, it is then that the trap closes, it is the beginning of a heavy treatment which has the appearance of sanitary predation”.

“The gimmicks of Lionel Guedj, it is the loosening of the teeth which threatens, the sensitivity to hot and cold” which require the installation of large bridges and the replacement, for certain plaintiffs, of all their teeth by prostheses, detailed the lawyer.

Me Ceccaldi repeated to the court the physical and moral suffering of his clients because “the mouth is not just a masticatory instrument, it is the vector of the smile, of the social relationship, of the kiss. There, it is martyred in a lasting way and the identity is upset”.

The indictment is expected Monday, April 4.

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