the lawyer of Cédric Jubillar would have exerted pressure on the mother of his client

According to Le Point, the report concerns Me Jean-Baptiste Alary, the lawyer for Cédric Jubillar, suspected of having exerted pressure on Nadine Fabre, the mother of his client. Me Jessica Chefaroudi, the former lawyer of Nadine Fabre, would also be targeted by this report. These two lawyers would have tried in particular to dissuade Nadine Fabre from changing lawyers after her remarks on a local radio.

In September 2021, Nadine Fabre appears in a show called 100% clairvoyance. Not thinking of being recorded, she asks to speak with a medium. She thus expresses her doubts about the guilt of her son in the murder of Delphine Jubillar. She even says she is “convinced” that her son is “guilty”. Before retracting. But despite his request not to broadcast his remarks, excerpts from the appeal are published on the radio’s website and have a snowball effect in the media.

Change of lawyer

His lawyer, Me Jessica Chefaroudi initially threatens the radio to attack him for fraud and invasion of privacy. But she ends up reaching an agreement with the media. In exchange for not broadcasting the remarks, Nadine Fabre undertakes to give an interview on the radio. It is in this context that several relatives of Cédric Jubillar’s mother advise him to change lawyers. Despite the pressures she would have been under, she still decided to change. Me Antoine Vey and Me Géraldine Vallat have been his new defenders since this affair.

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