Tuesday, the Dépêche du Midi revealed a complaint from the French Football Federation (FFF) against Frédéric Baby, the former president of Foix and his employee Gilles Maury. The two men are suspected of illegal exercise of the function of players’ agent. They were taken into custody last May by the gendarmes of the Toulouse research section. Frédéric Baby, who is registered as a sports attorney, believes he is within his rights when he intervenes for a contract extension or a footballer transfer. He wanted to clarify his position: “I claim to have done my job in compliance with the rules despite their inflation; their poor writing, and above all their growing liberticidal tendency. The FFF had an interest in attacking me which prohibited it from act as she did. I claim that the lawsuits against me are only the fruit of hatred, jealousy and resentment. […] My police custody is an abuse of rights, it demonstrates the forfeiture of the judicial institution against me. I claim that the procedure is vitiated by nullities in that the protective status of the lawyer has been denied, which the Republic has put in place for the defense of public freedoms”, continues the former Fuxéen president who surprised “that the Foix prosecutor’s office chose the side of the football agents against that of the lawyers. Concerning the cancellation of the seizure of €215,000 from the bank accounts of the two suspects, Me Baby believes the Toulouse Court of Appeal , its public prosecutor and the bar of Foix were able to dispense justice with great intellectual honesty and perfect speed”.

As a reminder, the preliminary investigation is continuing. Many football personalities have so far been heard as witnesses.