the lawyers’ call to vote Emmanuel Macron in the second round

Here is their forum: “Lawyers, our attachment to republican values ​​and the rule of law is unwavering and prevents us from remaining indifferent to the fate of our country and its citizens.

Marine Le Pen, through her identity claims contrary to our history, our values, our Constitution, seeks to challenge our republican pact.

Behind the “national preference” at the heart of his project, there is the establishment of legal discrimination between nationals and foreigners. If Marine Le Pen were elected, the equality of all before the law would be violated.

By proposing to generalize minimum sentences, to remove any possibility of reduction and adjustment of sentences, to restore real life imprisonment, Marine Le Pen ignores the humanist values ​​of which we, lawyers, are the primary guarantors. Not to mention that his refusal to personalize sentences and his desire to multiply incarcerations and dry releases will have no other consequences than an increase in recidivism and insecurity.

If Marine Le Pen promises to “respect” the law and the Constitution, she intends above all to change them profoundly to undermine fundamental rights

By calling for a reduction in the room for maneuver of magistrates, his ambition is to create an authoritarian state and drastically reduce the force of the judiciary, on which our freedoms are based.

Let’s face it. If Marine Le Pen promises to “respect” the law…

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