the lawyers choose Me Christine Maze to represent them

Like the current president Christophe Bayle, the new elected will also have a real function of arbitration between lawyers and a mission of conciliator when a dispute opposes a lawyer and his client. It is also she who will appoint the court-appointed lawyers.

The taste of defense

Christine Maze was sworn in at Pau. “With my colleague and friend Christian Saint-Palais, who today chairs the association of French criminal lawyers in which I work. “She was 25 years old when she started as an associate in the office of two criminal lawyers, Mr.are Jean-Michel Bargiarelli and Francis Delom. “He is my professional godfather, Mr.and Philippe De Caunes who gave me a taste for criminal defence. »

Christine Maze admits to having known “the working days without a schedule, the night hearings, the difficulties of being a young mother, and of working at the same time with the demands of a criminal defense for which “my bosses” do not were not always inclined to understand my family obligations. ” She has yet was quickly associated for 22 years with Mand Francis Delom. “I had a happy professional marriage. She bought out her partner’s shares when he retired in 2015. She is now surrounded by two partners “who contribute greatly to my aspirations”.

The tradition is that the successor of the president in place is elected before the end of the mandate of the latter. This leaves one year to M.and Maze to go around its future responsibilities and thus be operational on the various files to be treated as soon as it takes office.

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