the lawyers for the civil parties complete their coordinated argument

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The trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 continues before the Special Assize Court of Paris. The civil party lawyers continue to plead, 5th and last day for a choral pleading marked by the refusal to appear by 9 of the accused. Defendants in solidarity with one of their own, worried about his health and too long neglected by the prison administration. What can we learn from this unprecedented exercise of coordinated pleadings? Record of hearing.

With our special correspondent at the Special Court of Assizes of Paris, Nathanael Vittrant

In a trial marked by the testimony, over seven weeks, of more than 400 victims, their lawyers often wondered what more they could say. “ This humanity placed at your helm, at your feet, I read it in your eyes, it moved you to tears », Launches at the Court Me Ludovic de Villele. ” What are you going to do with it? »

Some lawyers during these five days of pleadings ” choral ” have ” sometimes sung out of tune “, had recognized before him Me Constance Dewavrin. There have indeed been lengths, widths, off-topic. Which have sometimes made us forget the formidable work of synthesis by the lawyers of the civil parties who succeeded in drawing up a complete picture of the suffering of the victims, in placing them all in the ” great story of the 13 November 2015 “.

The dead and the survivors, those who testified and those who did not dare to approach the courthouse, the direct victims and the “ unfortunate witnesses “, as if there were in this story ” happy witnesses », all those whose « events have broken the flight of existence “.

Now they’re waiting for your verdict “. Conclusion of “ the largest criminal hearing ever organized in France “recalls Me de Villele before calling the Court to ” allow the gaping wound “left by the attacks” can heal “.

But that does not mark the end of the pleadings of the civil parties, because only some of them decided to plead in a coordinated manner. The others will plead on their side, as is customary at the assizes. The end of the pleadings of the civil party lawyers will take place next Tuesday, June 7.

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