the lawyers of her husband Cédric speak of an “empty file”, “which skates”

Ten months after the disappearance of the 33-year-old nurse, her husband Cédric Jubillar, imprisoned for four months, continues to claim his innocence. His lawyers were the guests of BFMTV this Sunday.

Ten months after the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, on the night of December 15 to 16, her husband Cédric was questioned this Friday, for the first time since his indictment and his placement in pre-trial detention, by the two judges in charge. folder. While the 34-year-old painter and plasterer continues to proclaim his innocence, his lawyers, guests ofNext case this Sunday on BFMTV, denounce an “empty file” of justice against their client.

According to Me Alexandre Martin, one of his two advisers, Cédric Jubillar “was impatient to be heard” by the judges. “He answered conscientiously, with serenity and sincerity, calmly, to all the questions put to him”, detailed the lawyer. “He claimed his innocence. He said, ‘I’m innocent, when are they going to hear me?’ He is questioned about his relationship with Delphine, his behavior,” he added.

The interrogation lasted four hours, and another is scheduled for December 3. On leaving the court on Friday, the two lawyers have already warned that they will file a new request for release on Monday.

“Justice is slipping in this case”

“Justice is slipping in this case, we can see it. I don’t know if it’s a means of pressure to delay the hearing, to keep him in detention, in solitary confinement”, denounced Me Martin on our plateau. While Cédric Jubillar has been indicted and imprisoned for four months, the lawyer denounces an “incapable justice, after four months of detention, ten months of investigation, to bring strong evidence” against his client .

“The file is empty, the passing months bring nothing, on the contrary,” he added.

Still looking for them

Since the start of the case, Cédric Jubillar has denied any involvement in the disappearance of his wife and mother of their two children, aged two and six. The latter, 33 years old and night nurse in a clinic in Albi, lived with her husband in a villa still under construction in Cagnac-les-Mines, a village in the Tarn.

On December 16, 2020 at dawn, her husband reported her disappearance to the gendarmes. To this day, research continues.

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