“The life of a child is worth the life of a dog”, the sentence of a columnist causes scandal

Loic Durand

As often, the columnists of Touche Pas à Mon Poste were torn over a thorny debate. May this April 7, Guillaume Genton went too far according to some internet users.

After a long debate on money in the world of television, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists returned to a case that made people talk: this Wednesday, in Champigny-sur-Marne, an American Staff dog was shot dead by police while biting a young girl. A few minutes earlier, the animal had bitten another teenage girl in the thigh. In images that have gone around social networks, we can see the police shoot the dog, which will not survive the six bullets received.

Guillaume Genton does not agree and makes it known

“Shock Image Of Dog Shot By Police: Did They React Right?”. This was the debate TPMP at the end of the show this Thursday, April 7. Most columnists answered the question in the affirmative, except for three: Delphine Wespiser, Guillaume Genton and Gilles Verdez. If the first was very moved, cracking in full emission by evoking this subject, the second was colder and angry.

According to him, the police should not have killed the dog that attacked the young girl. He explained at length: “We often talk about speciesists, the fact of prioritizing species. There, what do we see in these images? That a dog’s life is worth nothing! […] It breaks my heart to see these pictures. Immediately, the other columnists showed their disapproval. “Do you think a child’s life is worth a dog’s life?”then asked an annoyed Matthieu Delormeau to Guillaume Genton.

Many reactions on social networks

After some procrastination, the latter launched: “Yes, the life of a child is worth the life of a dog”. You can see the excerpt in question, who made Cyril Hanouna scream and the other columnists, in the video below.

“It’s serious what you say”said Matthieu Delormeau. “It’s stupid what you say”, said Benjamin Castaldi. Same story on Twitter, where the sequence was widely taken up and commented on. “Nonsense! The child’s life is more important than the dog’s if it were your child you would not say the same I think”, wrote a netizen. Another comment: “One word asshole for the guy who thinks a dog’s life is worth a child’s life…”. Here are some other examples of comments:

Guillaume Genton still also received messages of support. And you what do you think ?

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