Is a dog’s life worth that of a child? Unfortunately, no one has the answer. On the one hand, some would say that it makes perfect sense that a child’s life is worth so much more than a dog’s. And on the other, will say the opposite, that the life of a dog is worth more than that of a child. This is a debate that has been going on for many years but is gaining much momentum lately, especially with recently established animal rights.

This is why, when an animal is killed by the police, on April 6 in Champigny-sur-Marne, after it has bitten two people and in particular a child, the subject divides. Guillaume Genton seems to have chosen his side. The columnist of TPMP standing alone against his colleagues on this debate. “I am very touched by what Delphine says, who is the only sensitive person around the table”he begins by thanking Delphine Wespiser for having “sorrow” for the slaughtered animal unlike the other chroniclers.

Alone against all

The man with the glasses then continues his defense by explaining: “What do we see in the pictures? That a dog’s life is worthless…”before being cut by Matthieu Delormeau: “No! Less important than that of a child”. An argument not admissible for Guillaume Genton. “Have you seen the video? How long between the policeman who intervenes and the one who kills the dog? Two seconds he kicks and a direct bullet I’m sorry…”he regrets and puts forward to try to make his vision understood to the members of the team.

Not enough to make Matthieu Delormeau cry who asked him a specific question. “I’m asking the question the other way around. Do you think a child’s life is worth a dog’s?”he asks his colleague before he replies: “I think so. Me it breaks my heart to see these images. I’m not saying that it’s good that a child dies. But yes, the life of a child is worth that of a dog”. An answer that made columnists who did not agree with him come out of their hinges. “No matter what, it’s serious what you say. It’s stupid. You’re the monster”finally let go of Matthieu Delormeau.

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