the list of cars equipped in 2022

If you still doubted the preponderant place of artificial intelligence in our lives, simply slip into a vehicle produced during the last three years. Driving assistance, assistance of all kinds, AI is becoming more democratic on the path to autonomous driving. But while waiting to let the machine do its job on the road, you can already delegate certain tasks such as handling menus or physical controls for music, messages or calls, navigation or even comfort settings such as air conditioning thanks to the voice assistant. Today, two solutions are available to you: buy a vehicle already equipped with this technology as standard or download an application on your smartphone before connecting it to your car via the famous “mirroring”. The first is obviously the most practical, but here again, we distinguish between two categories: voice assistants developed “in-house” by manufacturers (Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc.), and assistants developed by recognized third parties such as Amazon and Google, who now monopolize home voice management. The course is now on the car, and you will see, the list of equipped models is growing!

Google Assistant, through the back door

Volvo is one of those rare manufacturers who have the Google suite as standard, without going through a smartphone.©Volvo

To take advantage of Google voice assistance “natively” without going through your smartphone, you will have to choose your car purchase carefully. Indeed, at present, the models sold directly (in Europe) with the Android Automotive system and the “GAS” suite of services, the Google Automotive Services (Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Play…), are are rare. One of the advantages of Android Automotive is its open source aspect, which notably makes it possible to easily download applications from the official “store” as you would with your smartphone. It is also possible to use Google Maps directly on the screen of your car as a navigation system, but also and above all to take advantage of regular “OTA” (Other the air) updates, which concern both GPS maps and voice assistance, in perpetual evolution. So, where to find “Ok Google”? Here is the 2022 list of equipped cars.



  • Electric Megane E-Tech
  • Southern


  • XC40 P8
  • XC40 Refill
  • C40 Refill
  • XC60
  • V90 (removed from configurator)
  • V90 Cross Country (removed from configurator)

Note also that several groups such as Ford and Stellantis have already announced the upcoming implementation of Android Automotive, but to complicate the task, you will not necessarily be able to take advantage of all Google services! Indeed, at Stellantis, Android Automotive will be included from 2023 on certain cars, but without the famous GAS : instead of the Google Assistant, Stellantis will use… Amazon Alexa.

To finish on the Silicon Valley firm, remember that it foresees an increase in possibilities with Android Automotive: in addition to managing voice control, navigation and applications, Google is working with manufacturers so that its operating system allows the vehicle owner to lock/unlock it remotely or to start it and check the battery charge.


Alexa is integrated as standard in the new Lamborghinis!
Alexa is integrated as standard in the new Lamborghinis!© Lamborghini

There are two ways to take advantage of Amazon’s voice assistant in a car. Just like at Google, you can either opt for a vehicle equipped “natively” with this artificial intelligence, or download the Alexa application. But in this last case, unlike Google, you will have to use the Echo Auto remote box in addition connected via Bluetooth or via the auxiliary ports! Too bad, and impractical.

Fortunately, there are more and more models with built-in Alexa Auto as standard, proof that manufacturers are finally letting go of ballast on board for the benefit of IT and “Tech” specialists, who are much more informed when they are on board. is about software development. Just like the Google Assistant, Alexa Auto allows you to perform certain operations by simple voice: temperature control, navigation, music, calendar or call management, Alexa Auto is constantly improving. Today, several major manufacturers are using Alexa, and the possibilities offered by voice assistance should increase tenfold. Lamborghini had notably announced a real milestone to be crossed with the new generation of Aventador, while the current Huracan is already equipped with Alexa. A real technical challenge on this type of car, in which the sound produced by the engine takes precedence over the driver’s voice!


  • A1 (since 2020)
  • A6 (since 2020)
  • A7 (since 2020)
  • A8 (since 2020)
  • Q3 (since 2020)
  • Q7 (since 2020)
  • Q8 (since 2020)
  • e-tron (since 2019)

land rover

  • Range Rover (2022)
  • Velar (since 2021)
  • Evoque (since 2021)
  • Discovery (since 2021)
  • Discovery Sport (since 2021)
  • Defender (since 2020)


  • I-PACE (since 2021)
  • F-PACE (since 2021)
  • E-PACE (since 2021)
  • XE (since 2021)
  • XF (since 2021)


  • Huracan EVO
  • Huracan EVO RWD
  • Future Aventador


  • Clubman (since 2018)
  • Convertible (since 2018)
  • Countryman (since 2018)
  • Hatch (since 2018)
  • John Cooper Works (since 2018)


  • SEAT Leon (since 2020)
  • CUPRA Formentor (since 2020)


  • Golf 8
  • Caddy (since 2021)

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