The magnificent gesture of a woman who buys a house and adopts the dog of her deceased owners (video)

When his beloved owners passed away, Ranger lived alone for 3 months. Until the day when a woman, originally from Texas, banished her loneliness and opened her arms to him.

Misty Annof Livingstone (Texas, USA), shared the harrowing account of Tidya senior dog who tasted the bitter taste of loneliness after the death of his owners.

When I looked at the house to buy it, the son of the late owners explained to me that due to his own medical needs he could not take it home, but was going to feed it dailyshe confided to our colleagues from Newsweek, Ranger had been alone for about 3 months. »

After living for several years in a love nest, the animal somehow found itself left to fend for itself. Living conditions he didn’t deserve…

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Ranger will never be alone again

I offered to take Ranger as part of the purchase of the house, because almost everything remained as it was when the owners died “, has followed Misty Ann. That day, the graying hairball had one of the most beautiful encounters of his life. In addition to having been adopted by the Texan, he can continue to live in the home of his former family, where all his memories are stored.

Her new mom posted videos on her TikTok account to tell her story. This magnificent gesture aroused a plethora of positive emotions. ” It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for taking care of Ranger “, commented a user; ” I’m glad you have a good heart, most people would get rid of the dog. Thank you for accepting him into your life as part of your family. “, softened another.


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Since she announced the good news, Misty Ann regularly shares updates on her new furry friend. “ He is demanding and very fond of treatsrevealed the American, it’s a pleasure to have it. Thanks to him, we feel comfortable and welcome in a hitherto unknown house. He roams the neighborhood off-leash, and is known to neighbors as a friendly watchdog. »

Tidy has amply deserved his new loving family, in which he will be able to end his old days in complete serenity.

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