The new Master of Norton Rose Fulbright Montreal

Me Luc Morin.  Source: Norton Rose Fulbright website


Me Luc Morin. Source: Norton Rose Fulbright website

Five years after having moved there, Me Luc Morin becomes the managing partner of Norton Rose Fulbright Montreal.

Chosen by the firm’s partners for a three-year term, renewable once, Luc Morin succeeds Solomon Sananes, who recruited him himself in 2017.

Being chosen is good, but you still have to want it, and have the power. That is, a managing partner will retain his practice, and will continue to be the Canadian head of the firm’s Bankruptcy, Financial Restructuring and Insolvency team. There is therefore an increase in the workload in sight.

“I am 43 years old, and I am at a stage in my career where I know the ins and outs of my practice. So I have time, and there are several things I would like to put forward,” he says.

Among these projects, he cites the importance for Norton Rose Fulbright to consolidate the competitive advantage of the firm’s platform.

Discussing with Droit-Inc in 2017, he explained that one of the competitive stakes offered by NRF which had made him leave Fasken, where it had been for 17 years, resided in the platform used by the firm. This is also one of the projects he wants to promote as managing partner: “We already have one of the most efficient platforms on the market, but I would like us to look at the ways to make it even better,” he says.

But leading a firm is not so much about getting involved in the day-to-day management of its operations as it is about promoting initiatives and unifying teams around a common vision and strategy.

“The managing partner is first and foremost the standard-bearer of the firm, he promotes the brand and ensures that he bridges the gap between the firm’s various teams. »

Three construction sites

Thus, as managing partner, he intends to put forward three main issues at Norton Rose Fulbright. “We are redefining the work experience. The pandemic has obviously caused the dematerialization of work habits,” explains Me Morin. He believes that the classic 9 to 5 downtown, in a jacket and tie, is soon coming to an end.

“We have a generational opportunity to redefine the identity of an office in Montreal. »

Redefining the work environment in which services are provided also implies going further: “what distinguishes the best firms is that they offer an environment that is suitable for retaining talent and nurturing it” , adds Luc Morin. Saying he was “blown away” by the quality of the talent on which Norton Rose Fulbright can bet, assuming that the job is done would be a mistake, he believes.

In this context, supporting the training and development of lawyers and employees is on the menu, in order to continue to raise the expertise of the teams.

Another project, dear to the heart of Luc Morin. “The challenge of my generation is to have more women”, not only in practice, but in key positions. He says he is “aware” that the obstacles he had to overcome to get where he is are few compared to those his wife, Eleni Yiannakisa partner at IMK, had to face it herself.

He is therefore of the opinion that “it is time for something to happen” so that things change, and that women have access to their rightful place.

business development

All these projects do not make him lose sight of the fact that Norton Rose Fulbright’s competitive advantage must continue to be cultivated and consolidated. Although he has no quantified objectives for the firm’s progress, he nevertheless considers that his strike force should not be taken for granted.

“We have a sophisticated and demanding clientele. We must therefore continue to offer him the best. And since law is above all a matter of relationships, a firm cultivates its business relationships with not only expertise, but also by emphasizing the relational aspect.

To achieve this, Luc Morin therefore thinks that there is “a balance to be made between the requirements of the workforce and those of the customers”. You have to find the perfect match in order to bring together the best of the team for each for each of the clients, according to their circumstances and their needs.

Establishing this network is all the more important since the firm is first and foremost a business and litigation platform. And if it is difficult for the moment to identify the sectors of practice which are growing, it is essential to see “which are the sectors which can be tied to our offer”.


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