the next morning they almost faint in front of the surprise

They bury their cat at the bottom of their garden

Danielle and Sam live in Birmingham, England with their cat Lucky.

On May 14, one of Danielle’s neighbors messaged a common Whatssap group asking if anyone knew of a fairly large black and white male cat.

She recognizes her cat

Danielle replied “Me! What did he do ? By sending a photo of Lucky, her cat.

As the lady left a silence after this answer, Danielle sent Sam, her husband to her neighbor to try to understand.

Some time later, Sam returned with their cat’s body in a sack of potatoes.

The tomcat appeared to have been hit by a car.

Despite the deep sadness, Danielle looked in the bag, wanting to make sure the cat was hers. She recognized the same Lucky marks on the cat’s body and was devastated.

They bury the tomcat in their garden

The couple immediately organized a small funeral for Lucky in the back of their garden.

But the rest of the story has an incredible twist.

The next morning at 10:30 a.m., Danielle received a photo of Lucky having breakfast at her house. Their cat was alive and well!

They had actually buried another cat from their neighborhood.

Danielle managed to find the owner of the cat buried in her garden. She told him he could leave the tomcat’s body if that was ok with them.

Danielle agreed and planted seeds near the grave to see some pretty flowers bloom on it and honor her memory.

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