The number of dogs you see defines your mental age, the answer in this personality test


Calculating your mental age can be just as fun as a game of finding the 7 differences. This psychological test requires nothing more than your attention and a few minutes of your time. Then you can compare your results with your friends. Results you will find at the end of the article. In effect, Objeko wouldn’t want to give you the answers upfront and skew your personality test. A personality test that we were lucky enough to spot among our colleagues from the online magazine Tekpolis. Nevertheless, rest assured, this is more of a game than an official psychological test. Impossible to really calculate his mental age or his IQ (intelligence quotient) through this kind of test. On the other hand, entertainment is guaranteed and as you probably know, everyone already has their result in their pocket! Are you going to try it too?

What mental age are you? The viral challenge on the Web

To perform this test, you will have to concentrate and look carefully at this image below. You will see dogs there and you will have to count them. Before being a challenge to calculate your mental age, it is therefore a visual challenge. As our colleagues at Tekpolis, this kind of challenge is particularly popular. Also, some people are better at it than others. With a simple look, they are able to spot the smallest details that appear in the image. While others will do it several times so as not to miss any element. Corn Objeko won’t tell you how it will determine your mental age. Although according to all logic, the more agile he is, the younger he should be. But that’s a guess that could turn out to be wrong and again, we wouldn’t want to skew your results.

To play, all you have to do is mobilize your concentration and quickly answer the question: “How many dogs do you see in this picture? » And in order not to distort the tests on your side, be sincere and play the game as honestly as possible.


Personality test results

Find out now what your answer to the question “How many dogs do you see in this picture? » reveals your mental age. To find out, tell us if you counted four, five, six or seven dogs. But beware, once again, Objeko and Tekpolis specify that the goal is not to find them all. All the answers are correct since they allow you to learn more about your mental age.

four dogs

You counted four dogs in the picture, so your mental age is between 20 and 25 years old. It also indicates that you are a creative and art-loving person. Nevertheless, you would not be very spontaneous and would prefer quiet places to let your mind wander without restrictions. Your actions reflect who you are and you take pride in them.

five dogs

If you found five dogs in the personality test picture, your mental age is between 25 and 30 years old. Due to a certain form of maturity, you know how to stay out of trouble. You are in finesse, simplicity and sobriety. Our colleagues from Tekpolis added that you enjoy paying attention to detail. Especially to those that others tend to overlook. Indeed, you know that all that glitters is not gold. And so you prefer simplicity because it echoes a form of sincerity.

six dogs

Counting the dogs in the personality test picture, you discovered six dogs. Your mental age is then between 30 and 40 years old. You don’t mess with honesty. You are capable of frontally attacking a person who is lying, even if it means getting ahead of the problems. But make no mistake, you are only looking for peace. Your strong personality gives you the role of a good adviser.

seven dogs

Finally, if you found seven dogs in the picture, it means that the personality test estimates that your mental age is between 10 and 20 years old. This youthful spirit can make you feel naïve in the eyes of those around you. And indeed, you will tend to idealize your loved ones. Nevertheless, you are not afraid to take on any challenge!

Other visual personality tests obviously exist on social networks. They are not always indicative of your mental age but can allow you to take stock of another parameter of your personality. Nevertheless, never forget to do these tests in the tone of entertainment.

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