the number of Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and internet users revealed

Algeria – Find the official report of Internet users of Algérie Télécom as well as the most consulted platforms in our country, this February 20, 2022.

According to the new digital report published on February 15, 2022 by the specialized site Datareportal, which is none other than the provider of global digital perspectives, revealed the number of Internet users of Algérie Télécom. While looking at the social networks used in Algeria for the year 2022. Thus, according to the data reported, the number of mobile phone lines reached 46.57 million.

While the number of Internet users has reached 27.28 million in our country. Among them, there are 26.60 million Internet users on social networks. Moreover, this same report highlighted the growing number of new Internet users. This is estimated at around 1.7 million new subscribers. Including 1.6 million new social network users. Here, it will be noted that the number of Facebook users alone amounts to approximately 25.43 million.

As for the average Internet speed in Algeria, the report indicates 11.44 megabits per second for the mobile phone. While it is estimated at 9.78 Mbp / s for the fixed Internet of Algeria Telecom. That’s a 170% increase over the previous year. It follows that the majority of Internet users use the mobile phone at 58.95%. On the other hand, about 38.97% use the Internet on computers.

Google, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: what do Algerians really use?

At the top of the ranking, Google Chrome dethrones other Internet browsing tools in Algeria with a percentage of 86.14%. While Google remains the master of search engines with 98.60%. In the same context, said report revealed the number of Instagram users across the national territory. The latter reached 8.60 million accounts.

Therefore, an increase of about 1.8 million users compared to last year is highlighted in this sense. While the number of Messenger users came to around 14.25 million users. Regarding the professional social network, LinkedIN, there are 2.80 million. Namely, an increase of about 300,000 users compared to last year.

Finally, Snapchat has 6.25 million users according to the same data. That is, an increase of 1.3 million users. However, Twitter still suffers in Algeria with less than one million users. Exactly, that gives 891,000 accounts. This is often explained by the incomprehension of the platform by the Algerians. It is in any case a study which was based on a total population of Algeria estimated at 44.98 million inhabitants in January 2022.

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