The parade of hunting dogs in Molières

Every year, the French association for the future of hound hunting in Tarn-et-Garonne organizes a day of hunting dog competitions and tests authorized by the prefecture. A demonstration which generally took place in Lomagne. This year, the Covid crisis has been there. Although there was no competition, tests were held on the initiative of President Benoît Botti of Puygaillard-de-Quercy in Molières with the village hall of Saint-Amans as a central point and tests on the municipalities of Molières, Auty, Cazes-Mondenard, Labarthe, Saint-Vincent-d’Autejac and Mirabel. Nine packs, nearly 90 dogs and a good fifty hunters spent a beautiful morning admiring the work of the dogs and without guns. Small and Big Blue dogs, Porcelains and a few other breeds showed dexterity. After a morning in nature the whole delegation returned to Saint-Amans welcomed by the deputy mayor Rémi Belrepayre and the president of the ACCA de Molières Pierre Lavergne. The day was greatly extended around a good convivial meal appreciated by all. An event perfectly organized by President Benoît Botti and his team.

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