The park has hosted several births of rare baby animals

The zoological park of Thoiry (Yvelines) has recently become a real nursery, and visitors can already meet some of these new baby animals, sometimes very young. This is particularly the case of bush dogs, canids originating from South America. Two of them have just been born and they weigh 130 and 190 grams, reports The Parisian.

Maned wolves also just became parents when the couple had already had two cubs. This threatened species has only 2,000 individuals left in the wild. It is concerned by one of the sixty European breeding programs facilitating certain reproductions.

endangered species

Among other vulnerable animal families, the park recorded the birth of three Arabian oryx. Saved from near extinction, this species has only 800 individuals in the wild. A baby watussi ox and two baby wildebeest have completed this pink notebook. The zoo had not recorded a birth of the latter species for several years.

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