The Pixel 6 could receive facial recognition through an update

For most Google Pixel 6 series users, dealing with the optical fingerprint sensor under the display has been a painful experience. Google has improved the sensor through software updates and we expect Google to continue working on improving this feature. But since November, those who have the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have read that the Pixel team at Mountain View has been working on a way to enable Face Unlock on the latest Pixel models.

Face Unlock was introduced on the Pixel 4 line of smartphones and was the only biometric sensor on Google’s 2019 smartphones (in other words, those models didn’t have a fingerprint sensor). Like Apple’s Face ID, Face Unlock on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL uses 3D mapping to provide secure facial recognition that verifies the user’s identity to unlock the smartphone, open certain apps, and perform online transactions. using mobile payment platforms.

There has been speculation that Google will include Face Unlock in a future update Feature Drop quarterly for the Pixel lineup, and early speculation suggested it would only be included with the Pixel 6 Pro. So far, after two Feature Dropfacial recognition did not surface.

But for the first time, we might have evidence that Google is actually working on Face Unlock and it could be coming to both the base and premium variants of the Pixel 6. A Reddit user was setting up his Pixel 6 and when faced with the option (honestly, no pun intended) to select a screen lock, the smartphone included Face Unlock.

Keep in mind that while a facial recognition system can be enabled through a software update, it will not have a 3D mapping (the components needed for this are not included with Pixel 6 models) and 2D facial recognition can be defeated by holding up a photo in front of the device.

It will not be 100% reliable

Some have suggested that Google could ask users to perform an action such as moving their head to prove that the image in front of the front camera is not a static photograph.

Right now, selecting Face Recognition for your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro wouldn’t do anything. If Google wants to allow facial recognition on the series, it will have to update the smartphones. Considering no one else has reported seeing this, what this all means is hard to say for sure. Until Google comes to blow the whistle, owners of the Pixel 6 series now have some hope of seeing their faces unlock their smartphones.

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