the reaction of François Fillon’s lawyer after his conviction on appeal

Sentenced on appeal to one year in prison on Monday, François Fillon will appeal to the Court of Cassation, which suspends the criminal sanctions. Me Antonin Levy, his lawyer, reacts to this conviction on RMC this Tuesday.

A new conviction, but lighter than at first instance. Former Prime Minister François Fillon was sentenced to four years in prison on Monday in Paris, including one year in the case of the fictitious jobs of his wife Penelope. A decision that he will challenge in cassation, which suspends the criminal sanctions. “We hope for a strict application of the law”, explains his lawyer this Tuesday on RMC, Me Antonin Levy, who justifies this choice, and explains in what state of mind the spouses are.

“They are not relieved, because, for them, it remains a judgment which for them is not correct, that’s why they are exercising this new remedy. On the other hand, when you are partly heard, there is a form of recognition that what you have been saying from the start is not totally false, a form of recognition of the reality of the work (…) It’s not a relief, but we didn’t shout in a vacuum from the start”

“The facts are reduced step by step”

The sentence handed down on Monday was accompanied by a fine of 375,000 euros and ineligibility for 10 years. “The facts are reduced step by step by hard work from the defense against the judges who always have the temptation to go beyond and add to the balance”, tackles the lawyer this Tuesday on RMC.

Penelope Fillon was sentenced for her part to a two-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 375,000 euros, her former deputy Marc Joulaud to a three-year suspended prison sentence. Ineligibility sentences of two and five years were also pronounced against them. “There is an attempt to want to take a step towards someone who has not been treated as a classic litigant”, decrypts Antonin Lévy referring to Pénélope Fillon.

The three defendants were also ordered to pay around 800,000 euros to the National Assembly, a civil party. “A sum not yet claimed by the Assembly. We will ask the Court of Cassation to suspend this payment”, he explains.

In this case, suspicions were also raised against the children of the Fillon couple, who would have been swept away by the Court of Appeal:

“The Court of Appeal finally recognized that the children did not have a fictitious job. For them it was important, it had affected them and having this judicial recognition was fundamental for them”, confides Antonin Lévy.

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