the receipt makes her furious

Annecy: at the restaurant with her dog, she asks for a bowl of water

It was in a restaurant in Annecy that this incident took place which made people talk about it.

That day, a woman decides to go to a restaurant with a friend and obviously takes her dog with her. Wall-E, the pooch, is thirsty because the temperatures are high. His human then orders a bowl of water for him, while ordering for her.

The meal then goes smoothly and everyone has a good time. At least until the bill arrives.

A bowl of water… for a fee!

Looking more closely at her bill, Wall-E’s mistress notices that she has been charged for her dog’s water bowl! 0.30 cents is the asking price for what is called a “doggie bar” by the establishment.

Furious, she asks the waiter what the fuss is about since she was able to drink water for free from her carafe. Why wouldn’t it be the same for Wall-E? The waiter replies that these are orders from management.

Furious, the human from Wall-E then decides to share her misadventure on her social networks: “It is not the amount that shocks me but rather the fact that I pay for the well-being of my animal !!! So what do I do I let my dog ​​die of thirst so as not to PAY for these 10cl of water? What do I do the next time I come to the restaurant with my cutlery and my plate so as not to pay the “rental”? I take a bowl home that I fill with the free water carafe? What is this BIG joke, I am outraged, shocked!!! »

A story that caused a lot of reaction on the Internet where some people nevertheless note that the sum is very small and may include disinfecting the bowl.

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