The restaurant charges her 30 cents for a bowl of water for her dog, she is indignant on social networks

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A client of a restaurant in Annecy was charged 30 cents for the bowl of water given to her dog, thus angering social networks.

A bowl at 30 cents. A client of a restaurant in Annecy (Haute-Savoie) had the unpleasant surprise to discover that the bowl of water given to her dog had been charged 30 cents on July 2. Very upset, she posted a photo of the bill on Facebook, which garnered thousands of shares.

“Last Saturday, we decided with a friend to go eat in a restaurant in Annecy, I was with my faithful dog (Wall-e, editor’s note). I ask for a bowl of water for Wall-e, and, at the When I pay the bill, I see it marked ‘doggie bar’? The carafe of water is free but there is a charge for water for my dog? What do I do next time? I come to the restaurant with my cutlery and my plate so as not to not pay the ‘rent’?” writes the client. On social media, many expressed their outrage.

However, under the law, nothing prevents you from charging for a glass of water or a bowl. The customer simply needs to be informed of this in advance. Asked by The Liberated Dauphinethe restaurateur targeted by this case explains that he wanted to “mark the occasion for a service rendered”.

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