The Rodez SPA is looking for volunteers to socialize abandoned kittens in need of love

The SPA lacks arms to caress and socialize all the kittens in the shelter.

Since May, stray cats and kittens have been flocking to the Rodez SPA. “Some socialize easily and quickly, but others need more time,” explains the shelter on its Facebook page, which would need volunteers to get these little felines used to human contact. A call has been made.

“Need to see people”

“We take care of them every day, we handle them as much as possible to give them confidence, but that’s not enough. These poor kittens are very afraid of human contact, they need to see people to create a positive bond in order to give them the best chance of finding a family”. The shelter explains that it is in dire need of active volunteers to “socialize our little felines in need of love”.

If almost no cats found their way to the SPA in this first half of the year, they were suddenly numerous to arrive from May onwards. Between the stray cats and the felines that the adopters no longer wanted, there are also dozens of abandoned kittens.

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