The shelter in Liège is full: too many abandonments and not enough adoption requests

The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals of Liège, which currently welcomes 133 dogs, 174 cats and 30 animals of various species (roosters, rabbits, hamsters, etc.), announced on Friday “with a heavy heart” that it was full .

A saturation that is explained by “requests for support which do not cease, but above all a significant reduction in adoptions”.

From now on, withdrawals must be made by agreement and only when a place becomes available. The Saint-Nicolas-based shelter now prioritizes emergencies and found animals.

The Liège structure, which has three refuges in Cointe, Vilnamont and Arlon, is not the only ASBL in this situation, as our colleagues from BX1 explain. Also congested, the Veeweyde refuge in Anderlecht found that requests for abandonment had not weakened after the summer as usual.

It must be said that the energy crisis affecting our country is not helping the problem as some masters are no longer able to pay vet fees and food for their animals. And the other perverse effect of this crisis is that it does not encourage people to adopt…


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