the SPA lodges a complaint against their owner

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In Yvelines, a man was taken into police custody and will be tried for leaving his dog and her 8 puppies locked in a technical room. The dogs were kept in horrible conditions, between cramped conditions, unsanitary conditions and deprivation of food and water in particular.

The SPA filed a complaint against a man who locked a dog and her babies in a technical room, reported France Blue. The canines have been taken care of and are out of danger.

On March 24, a police patrol was alerted by the crying of dogs emanating from a parking lot in the basement, rue de l’Echo to Chanteloup-les-Vignes (78). The next day, she returned with a canine unit. The police thus discovered, in a technical room filled with rubbish, neither ventilated nor lit, a whole family of dogs.

National Police 78 / Twitter

It was a female American Bully and her 8 puppies. In addition to being locked in dirt and darkness, they had no food or water available to them.

The owner has been identified and placed in police custody, we learn thanks to the tweet of the National Police 78 recounting this sad affair.

The defendant had another dog

The individual explained that he did not know what to do with the puppies, that he had not planned this litter. Also according to his words, he planned to give them away and had no intention of selling them. To police investigators, he also indicated that he had another dog in Normandy and that he wanted to donate it.

The man in question will have to answer for it in court. He will appear for rave abuse and acts of cruelty to domestic animals, specifies France Blue.

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