The Sunu Assurance grand prize keeps its promises

The Ouagadougou golf club hosted the 7and edition of the Sunu Assurance Golf Tournament from March 19 to 20, 2022 on the grounds of the Balkuy Golf Club. Boukaré Ouédraogo, national champion won the first prize.

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Golf fascinates young people in Burkina Faso.

the golf is a sport little known in Burkina Faso. However, some Burkinabe devote themselves to this sport. Alongside expatriates, they practice every weekend on the golf course of the Balkuy Golf Club, a district of Ouagadougou. After moments of leisure, golfers organize competitions to measure themselves. It is in this context that the 7and editing of the grand prize of Golf Sunu Assurance.

About fifty experienced golfers and 23 beginners made an appointment. For two days, the various amateur and experienced golfers competed in skill and precision while demonstrating their technical ability, mental strength and endurance.

Golf on the rise

After two days of competition, it was Boukaré Ouédraogo who won the title of best gross, the prize that rewards the best golfer in the competition. He confirms his title of national champion.

Today there was less wind. Which made me very focused on winning this trophy. I dreamed of winning it. There were quite a few competitors who were up to it. I was able to play very well because I was really focused otherwise there are a lot of strong competitors “says Boukaré Ouédraogo.

This tournament aims to strengthen friendships.

Although he won this important competition for the Ouagadougou Golf Club, he still believes that the level of golf in Burkina Faso is on the rise: “ the level is really high above all, we have a lot of players who are progressing. We have three series, many arrived in the first series, and there are good performances in the game “.

A sport for all

This golf tournament aims to forge ties of friendship and business, according to Jean François Kambou, general manager of Sunu insurance: “We initiated this tournament seven years ago to allow all of our employees, partners and customers to discover a sport that is little known in Burkina: golf. Secondly, it is to allow all these client partners of our members to have a moment of years of communion around a sport which gives health which makes it possible to create bonds of friendship “.

However, golf still does not escape its reputation of being a discipline for the rich. Jean François Kambou rejects this argument: “ It’s a sport like any other sport and it’s not necessarily about the rich or the haves. It’s a matter of passion. The best players of the Ouagadougou Golf Club are not general managers or company executives.

These are children from Balkuy who, with modest means, practice a sport that they loved thanks to one of their leaders who had this passion and who set up Golf Club. Today, this golf club feeds at least a hundred families in this village “.

Young people were introduced to the practice of golf.

The president of the Ouagadougou golf club praised the commitment of the participants and the level of the competition. He hopes for more enthusiasm for the competitions of the golf club of Ouagadougou.

Several awards

Two special prizes were awarded during this ceremony. The prize for the best approach went to Goran Biorkoahk (2.34m). He won first prize among veterans. The best drive is active Walid Omais (251m).

In the standings, Hugues Legros is the winner in the third series. In the second, the trophy goes to Amine Sidibé while Walid Omais is the winner at the level of the first series. Among the ladies, Juliette Nicolas is the champion while Antoine Nikièma wins the trophy in the national series. Mathias Kaboré won first prize among insiders.


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