The supporter beaten up for wearing an OM jersey recounts his attack

Decidedly, the stupidity of a small fringe of Lyon supporters continues to surprise this season. A few weeks after the stormy incidents in the Coupe de France, a 17-year-old young man tells our colleagues at RMC how he was taken to task at the end of the match between Canet-en-Roussillon and OL in the round of 16 of the Gambardella Cup last weekend.

Hunted for her outfit

The reason ? Alexandre wore an OM sweater. “I went to see the match of a friend of mine who plays in Canet. At the end of the match, I was waiting in front of the stadium to see him and I had an OM sweater. The Lyonnais, who were around fifty, pass behind me. I was accompanied by a friend, with whom I spoke. They call out to me once, asking me to take off my sweater. In total incomprehension, I tell them that I will not take off my sweater. And then they all come closer, they grab me by the hood and start hitting me all over the place”.

An attack in two stages, since the young man first fled before finding himself among other Lyon supporters, which earned the interested party four days of ITT. “They declared a cervical trauma and numerous contusions. I have lots of bruises all over the place. I’m very lucky, I’m doing well. Given my love for OM, I will return to the Vélodrome, that’s 100% sure. But the away games, I think I will not go anymore, for fear that it will happen again”.

The Canet club has announced several complaints, while OL, which claims to have organized no official travel for this match, has contacted the family of the victim. OM also expressed themselves through the voice of communications director Jacques Cardoze, “shocked by the news”.

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