The terrifying testimony of the young OM fan attacked by OL supporters


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On the sidelines of the round of 16 of the Coupe Gambardella between Canet and Olympique Lyonnais, the young Alexandre, 17, was attacked by Lyon fans while wearing an Olympique de Marseille sweatshirt. An aggression denounced by the two clubs by press releases, the teams wishing to shed light on this event. This evening, the young Marseille fan spoke to the radio RMC Sports to recount the unfolding of events.

“And there they all come close…”

“I had an OM sweater, begins to explain Alexandre. The Lyonnais, who were around fifty, pass behind me. (…) They challenge me once, asking me to take off my sweater. In a total incomprehension, I answer them that I won’t take off my sweater. And there, they all come closer, they grab me by the hood and start hitting me everywhere. By reflex, I try to free myself and I put two three knocks to be able to leave. I run, and as I run I fall back into the heart of their pen. They ask me again to take off my sweater. I tell them that I’m going to do it, but they haven’t given me time and I I got hit again. They took it away from me by force, I found myself shirtless. Afterwards, security intervened” details the OM fan on the radio, before returning to these attackers, who had nevertheless played with children from Canet at halftime.

“Knowing they were drunk…”

“Those who played with the children of Canet also hit me, so it was really two-faced… Knowing that they were alcoholic, it must be notified. Myself, during half-time, I have them saw him play and I thought it was a great action. I really didn’t expect that.” To conclude, he talks about his various injuries, as well as the support received by the various stakeholders in this case: “They declared trauma to the neck and many bruises. I have a lot of bruises everywhere. I I’m very lucky, I’m doing well. I had four days of ITT. Physically, I’m fine, psychologically I’m trying to get better. (…) The vice-president of OL has called my parents, they are in contact with him. I had a lot of support on social networks, it makes me very happy.

to summarize

Alexandre, the young OM supporter assaulted by OL fans, returned to this tragic event in an interview with RMC Sport radio. He details the course of events but also talks about his various injuries.

Antoine Chirat

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