The tigers of the Fort-Boyard show soon to retire

The law aimed at combating animal abuse adopted by parliament will lead to the retirement of the tigers from the Fort-Boyard show. In 2024 at the latest they will have left the fort.

They will be retiring soon. The tigers of Fort-Boyard, that Monique Angeon, alias Felindratheir trainer, brought in or out of the treasure room, will leave the game. A departure which is due to the law on animal abuse adopted by parliament last fall.

Under this law, animals will no longer be sold in pet stores, they will no longer be exhibited in dolphinariums and wild animals will no longer be used for commercial purposes. This goes for circuses and game shows.

It’s the end of a long history between these animals and the game. They were there from the beginning, 33 years ago. But in recent years, their presence has been questioned by animal rights associations.

Pressed by these solicitations, the producer of the show, Alexia Laroche-Joubert declared last year in Le Point that the future of these felines was a strong concern for the team.

Our priority is to think about the aftermath with our service provider. What will happen to the tigers? What can we do to support them?

Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of Fort-Boyard

Without waiting for the entry into force of the law, the Puy du Fou park, which also had a show with felines from Thierry le Portier, the same breeder whom Fort-Boyard uses, ended this show this year. . The law has set the year 2024 at the latest to end this use.

A decision welcomed by the Minister of Ecological Transition on the move to Charente on Thursday. For Barbara Pompili, the Fort-Boyard program has always made efforts for animals “On this show, they respect all the rules, they have always done things within the norms, they have always behaved well with the animals.”

As for complying with the new law, Barbara Pompili believes that it takes a little time to find a solution.

It is necessary to take the time for each animal to find a place for it elsewhere so that it can continue its life quietly. It doesn’t happen in five minutes, it takes time and I want things to be done well for the animals and for those who live with them.

Barbara Pompili, Minister for Ecological Transition

The production of Fort-Boyard could well anticipate the departure of the felines. The tapings that will debut next May for broadcast in the summer could be the first season of play without the Tigers.

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