The tops-flops of Bayern Munich-PSG: Katoto delights, Asseyi misses

Marie Antoinette Katoto (PSG): 7/10

The Parisian striker continues to panic the counters this season, in club as in the France team. She offered herself a new double in the Champions League this season after that against Real Madrid (4-0) in November. She opened the scoring with a shot from the left (20th) then headed a corner from Baltimore (71st) putting PSG on track before the return match. Replaced by HUITEMA (85th).

Kadidiatou Diani (PSG): 6/10

Her power caused the Bavarians to suffer enormously. Two of them have also been warned for having tried in vain to stop her illegally: Asseyi (18th) then Gwinn (44th) who tried to hold her back by the jersey. She didn’t go far from opening the scoring but her recovery found the crossbar before Katoto’s first goal (20th).

Amanda Ilestedt (PSG): 6/10

In the absence of injured Paulina Dudek, the central defender brilliantly took on the role of patron of the Parisian rearguard. In the first period, in particular, when Paris was under pressure from Bayern, she brought solidity, repelling several dangerous crosses. Less in demand in the second half, however, it helped to extinguish Schüller.

Klara Buhl (Bayern): 7/10

Undoubtedly the best player in the ranks of Bayern this Tuesday evening. In the first half, her shot was deflected by Ilestedt (13′) then she perfectly found Schüller who was off target (26′). After the break, she lost her duel with Barbora Votikova, the Parisian goalkeeper, who made a superb save (67th). His powerful free kick, which allows Bayern to reduce the gap, is sumptuous (84th).

Kheira Hamraoui (PSG): 4/10

Established as a sentry, she delivered a fairly neutral first period where she did not really weigh in the middle. A loss of ball which brings against Bayern badly negotiated by the Bavarians (41st). A long shot well released by Leitzig (58th) after the break during which it was not much more flamboyant.

Lea Schüller (Bayern): 3/10

Replaced in the 74th minute by DAMNJANOVIC, the German striker was perfectly muzzled by the De Almeida-Ilestedt duo. Apart from a strike in the first period that she did not frame (26th), she never knew how to showcase herself. A disappointing match for the top scorer in the German Championship (13 goals).

Janina Leitzig (Bayern): 3/10

The Bayern goalkeeper conceded two of the three shots on target she suffered. We can not say that she was really decisive on the two consecutive goals from corners of PSG. On the first, she seems lost and on the second, her exit is missed. More generally, it did not give off a great impression of serenity.

Viviane Asseyi (Bayern): 3/10

The French striker did not stand out against the Parisians. She weighed little offensively and her first period was mainly marked by her yellow card following a foul on Diani in the 18th minute. Invisible at the start of the second half, she was replaced by RALL (63rd).


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