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Returning home after a deployment of several months, a soldier is entitled to a most festive welcome from one of his cats. Called Finn, the latter let his joy explode when he saw him open the door. The whole thing was filmed by the soldier’s companion.

In most videos showing a reunion between a pet and its long-absent master, the protagonist is a dog. However, and although reputed to be more independent and less exuberant, cats also know how to show their joy when they find their human after a period of separation.

The attitude of finn is the best proof of this. The demeanor of this adorable Ragdoll perfectly matches the description of the character of the breed, which is known to be of boundless gentleness and affection.

Illustration of the article: The touching reaction of a cat who sees his master soldier returning home after a long absence (video)
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In this touching scene filmed by the companion of Nicka soldier returning from a deployment of several months, the latter is about to open the door to find his family who is waiting for him impatiently.

The video posted on Youtube and relayed by Daily Animal Newswatch finn standing behind the door, realizing that her human is there and meowing impatiently. The more time passes, the more his meows become insistent as he looks towards the door.

A nice leap to receive his hug

Then Nick ends the suspense. The lock comes alive and he finally makes his entrance, puts down his things and finn jumps into his arms to receive a huge hug he has been deprived of for so long.

The couple’s other cat, a Siamese by the name of booo, appears briefly in the sequence. He is, one imagines, just as delighted to see the soldier again, even if he is less demonstrative than his congener.

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