This little girl named Maple June has not had an easy life. She lacked love and had to wait a long time in a cattery before a young woman adopted her. When she discovered that her future life would be joyful and that she had a diaper just for her, she showed her enthusiasm.


A TikTok user posted the video of her pussy Maple June recently adopted, who takes possession of his basket in his new home.

The sequence moved the community as it testifies to the gratitude felt by the shelter residents who are finally beginning another chapter of their lives.

I must say Maple June had a complicated journey. She stayed for a long month in the cattery of an association overwhelmed by the number of cats in her charge.

The felines were therefore forced to share narrow cages and benefited from little interaction with the volunteers, who were nevertheless invested.

Fortunately, Maple June finally melted the heart of a young woman named Audrey.

The latter therefore adopted her and bought her everything necessary to welcome her in the best possible conditions.


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“She quickly found her place in her new home”

Maple June quickly felt comfortable in this warm environment. She met her kindred who became her best friend.

Moreover, she adopted her new basket with great joy. It meant to her that her condition as an abandoned pet was far behind her.

The young lady also became deeply attached to her loving mistress. Audrey and Maple June created a strong bond very quickly.

The cat also discovers the simple pleasures of life as an indoor tomcat, as seen in this second video.


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Many netizens commented on the footage. In particular, we can read: “What a joy to see her so happy and enjoying her second chance”,she is definitely at home “or “thank you miss for giving her this opportunity “.