The Ultramarines respond to Benoît Costil

After the weekend incidents during the match against Montpellier, Benoît Costil was accused of racism by the Ultramarines, a large group of supporters. Despite the support of his teammates, the goalkeeper no longer feels comfortable in Aquitaine and could leave the club as soon as possible, especially since his management has taken a long time to support him.

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In response to this accusation, the doorman decided to file a complaint. The Ultramarines were quick to respond via a statement posted on Twitter which reads: “We must be clear: the words and gestures of Benoît Costil are the greatest offense that the Virage Sud has known from a player since its creation. Great reward for a platform whose loyalty everyone still praises in these abominable moments, for enthusiasts who are still bleeding financially to follow the team hundreds of kilometers away. »

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