The Unique Bond Between A Little Girl And Her Cat With A Facial Defect Is Changing The Lives Of Hundreds Of Pets


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A kitten named Sergeant Pepper teaches a little girl that being different doesn’t prevent you from being happy. Their wonderful friendship has made it possible to help other animals who live at the shelter from which the little feline came.

During her pregnancy, caitlin had taken fright when he learned that his unborn daughter had a facial deformity, a cleft lip associated with a cleft palate in this case. But by doing some research and preparing herself psychologically, she finally understood that her child could very well lead a happy life despite everything.

Ivy came into the world and filled her parents with happiness. Then, at the age of a year and a half, she underwent an operation which partly corrected the problem. Afterwards, her family noticed that she was becoming more and more interested in her adult cat; she tried to imitate his meows and constantly sought contact with him.

caitlin and her husband then thought about adopting a kitten. When they saw Sergeant Peppera young feline also born with cleft lip and palate, on instagram, they knew right away that he was destined to become the newest member of their family. They didn’t take long to make their decision; they adopted Sergeant Pepper to the refuge where he lived, that of the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

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The kitten and Ivy quickly became very close. They got into the habit of playing together, climbing on furniture, exchanging hugs and even doing a few silly things as a duo. caitlin hopes that as she grows up, her daughter will understand by observing Sergeant Pepper that his malformation is in no way an obstacle to happiness. This is what she entrusted to People.

A reward for the refuge where Sergeant Pepper comes from

Their story touched the organization Petco Love and, on the occasion of its annual event Love Storiesshe selected Ivy and Sergeant Pepper among 100 families who have adopted pets and whose lives have been changed thanks to them. The shelters from which they came were thus rewarded by receiving a sum of money, up to 100,000 dollars.

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The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society therefore benefited from more than welcome financial assistance thanks to Ivy and his feline friend. An amount that will help the association in its tremendous work in the service of animals in difficulty.

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