The unusual story of a Border Collie who gets lost on a walk and takes the bus home!

Pepper caused quite a fright to her family. The dog got lost during a walk in a park in Stevenage, England. Determined to return home, the female Border Collie boarded a bus!

Pepper enjoyed a good walk in a pretty green setting in the company of Julie Jonesthe mother of its owner responding to the name of Charlotte. Everything was going for the best, when the 2-year-old female Border Collie came face to face with a group of geese. Difficult to resist… The dog ran after the birds, but did not come back, to the chagrin of her companion.

Wanting to hunt birds, Pepper unfortunately got lost. Following this disappearance, Charlotte and his companion named Saffron searched the neighborhood up and down, without success. The couple also launched an SOS on social networks. Alas, Pepper remained untraceable.

© Charlotte Jones

An unexpected traveler on the bus

While his favorite humans were bleeding in ink, Pepper galloped for more than 4 kilometers towards the bus station located in the city center. It must be said that the dog is used to traveling by bus with her family.

When she saw vehicle number 7 approaching, she didn’t hesitate for a second and naturally climbed inside, under the dumbfounded gaze of the travellers. As for the driver, he thought that the owner of the animal was behind. According to Dailymaila woman admitted Pepper and warned the driver. She then allegedly contacted the couple and stayed with the female Border Collie the whole way.

© Charlotte Jones

After 15 minutes on the road, the 4-legged traveler got off at a specific stop with the lady. Then, the duo waited for the arrival of Charlotte and Saffron. ” She knew when to get upsaid Charlotte Jones, we’ve been on this bus ride for so long, the doors opened and she jumped out. »

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© Charlotte Jones

Of course, the young woman greatly thanked the good soul who had watched over her hairball. An unusual misadventure which, fortunately, ends well!

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